Student Salary

Employers also agree to the following conditions:

  • Pay the participant the provincial minimum wage.
  • Pay the student at the first available opportunity as defined by the employer’s pay schedule (preferably within two weeks of the student beginning work).
  • The employer pays the student only for the hours worked. If the student has to miss work for a few hours to attend activities organized by the coordinator, the employer can ask the student to make up those hours, or deduct them from the student's pay.
  • The employer will not pay the student for statutory holidays on which the student did not work unless required to by labour legislation.
  • The employer agrees to make the required employment insurance and worker's compensation deductions, and pay the student the required vacation pay.
  • The program will subsidize the equivalent amount of the minimum wage for up to 210 hours. (35 hours per week). Employers agree to pay all benefit and vacation pay costs.


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