As a Local Coordinator, you will have an active workload throughout your contract. You will establish your own schedule with your respective supervisor (Regional Coordinators) based on the main tasks to be accomplishes:

While promoting the program: You will work mostly in the daytime during the week reaching out to youth in schools and out in the community. In the evening, you will communicate with youth as well as their parents/guardians.

With the participants: You will work mostly in the evenings and on weekends with the participants for pre-departure preparation and when leading program activities.

With hosts and employers: You will arrange mutually convenient check-in times with employers and hosts.

Coordinators are also considered to be “on call” during the six-week exchange in order to deal with emergencies should they arise. However, we do respect your need for time off and we have a multi-tiered support support that allows ample coverage during your designated days off. If you are currently enrolled in full-time post-secondary studies and this job sounds like an exciting challenge for you, then APPLY NOW!

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