What Parents Think

…In addition to improving her French language speaking skills and her confidence in using the language, Courtney developed self confidence, independence and social skills. This was Courtney's first full-time job so she also gained work-related skills, some money, and an addition to her resume. The activities provided in the program as well as outings she did herself and with her group gave her a real love of Quebec and of the people she met. We think it enhanced her sense of the whole country through the train ride and through meeting students from across Canada….

…Our daughter gained many benefits from the program. She had a summer job that was quite rewarding and taught her some skills to having a job and working with children. She met a wonderful group of teenagers her age, who I feel she will keep in touch with most of them forever. The program was a win-win situation for her; a summer job, great people to live with (host parents), to learn more about the Quebec way of life and to gain many new friends and acquaintances. Thank you for the program and we hope it continues to benefit teenagers across the country.

…I cannot begin to tell you the benefits my daughter derived from this experience. Any positive comment that comes forward from any individual or group can be applied here. This is a fabulous program and I applaud all of you. Thank you! Thank you!

…Peter describes the benefits to himself as learning French, having his first full-time job and seeing the country as he travelled on the train. Both my husband and I wish to thank the Directors of the SWSE for Peter's wonderful summer.

…The benefits our daughter Ashley gained from her experience in Quebec were many. Not only was she able to experience an entirely different culture, she also learned responsibility regarding a job and the importance of cooperating in a different home environment. What impressed us most was the vast improvement in her conversational French. She feels quite comfortable speaking French and misses her host family….

…My son now is "fully" bilingual - not his or my assessment, but that of others who are good judges. Since we live "way out west" it is not easy to get to Quebec, or practice French learned in school. Visiting Vaudreuil was a great learning experience for him - different family, language, culture, activities and he actually made some money doing this!

…Perhaps one of the greatest benefits that my daughter received is that she has become so much more fluent in French. And for that, she is very excited and grateful. Lastly, as I have mentioned several times already, the coordinator was wonderful, compassionate, and provided the students with stimulating, varied, fun and age appropriate activities which kept our daughter and all the students busy in their free time.


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