Parents / Guardians are an important partner in our program. Parents /Guardians play an essential role as they act as a host to students from another community for the six-week exchange. Their role is not only to provide lodging and meals for a visitor but to act as additional support for them. As well, hosts are to be responsible for the participant that is staying with them, by providing a safe environment for the student to live and experience another home, language and local culture in.

In certain circumstances, hosting a student may not be possible. However, for your son or daughter to participate, an alternate exchange host has to be found in your place. We do our best to recruit additional alternate hosts but would ask families to also do their part to assist us. Please contact us for further information.

The coordinator who selects your child will be organizing weekend activities for the students staying in your community, and will be your contact; supporting you and helping you solve problems that could arise with the student staying in your home and with your own child in their exchange home.

Experience has shown us that the worst thing you can do is force your child to participate in the Program; he or she has to make the decision to participate to truly benefit from it and feel that the experience has been a success.

Join the many parents who have allowed their children to mature and gain experience through this Program.

For additional information, consult the Host Guide here.

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